February 21, 2018

What’s Your Clemson Bucket List?


Last week we were asked by FoxSportsSouth to give them some ideas on “must see” things to do and see while in Clemson producing the SCState Football Broadcast.

While we had many ideas and were submitted many by you, I sent them to our friends at TigerTown Graphics.  I remembered their “Bucket List” T-Shirt has so many spot on things:

  1. Rub the Rock
  2. Slide down the Hill on cardboard
  3. Attend First Friday Parade
  4.  Pull an all-nighter in Cooper
  5. Swim in Lake Hartwell
  6. Experience a Clemson Sunset
  7. Catch a Baseball game at the Doug
  8. Spend a Saturday with 80,000 of your closest friends in Death Valley
  9.  Attend the Ring Ceremony
  10. Run on the dikes
  11. Drink a Clemson Milkshake
  12. Have Clemson World Magazine Publish your picture with the Tiger Rag
  13. Pomp the floats on Bowman
  14. Be on the BIG screen at Littlejohn
  15. Buy a shirt at Tigertown Graphics
  16. Watch a Tiger Roar Performance at the Brooks Center
  17. Run down the Hill
  18. Have a food fight in Harcombe
  19. Tailgate on the lawn at Littlejohn

That’s a pretty impressive list and a great t-shirt.  We know you must have more, so send us your any items you think should be on the Clemson Bucket List.  If we agree, we will send you free Clemson Bucket List t-shirt compliments of Tigertown Graphics and post your entry on a follow up story next Monday.  Send entries to scott@clemsonbuzzz.com

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